Course Description

Knowledge & Professional Development​ for Loss Prevention & Security Officers Course 15 Lessons 1 Final Quiz

Lead Instructor

Dustin Silzer

Dustin Silzer is the Lead Instructor, Consultant and Owner of THE FORGE HEADQUARTERS. He also remains an active Supervisor for one of the province's largest private security & investigation firms. Duties during his long career within the industry have included many aspects of Private Security, Investigation and Personal Protective Services.He is a recognized Instructor in use of force, defensive tactics and self-defence by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice. A member of ILEETA - International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association , as well as a Private Investigator & Security Guard Course provider (#156). He has been responsible for developing and teaching courses and seminars to multiple government organizations, private security firms and public groups.Check out the LinkedIn Profile for more details: out the website:

Course curriculum

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    • Disclaimer

    • Course Instructions

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    • Objectives

    • Introduction to Law

    • Levels of Government

    • Elements of a Crime

    • Types of Offences

    • Arrest

    • Powers to Search

    • Use of Force

    • Most Common Offenses - Theft

    • Most Common Offenses - Mischief

    • Most Common Offenses - Assault

    • Most Common Offenses – Uttering Threats

    • Most Common Offenses – Causing a Disturbance, Indecent Exhibition, Loitering, Etc

    • Most Common Offenses – Trespass Related

    • Conditions and Breaches

    • Content Quiz